IHIF 2022
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avatar for Abbas A. Rangwala

Abbas A. Rangwala

Mergers & Acquisitions
avatar for Adam Konieczny 

Adam Konieczny 

Development Director for Poland and Eastern Europe
avatar for Adrian Flueck

Adrian Flueck

Director - Hotel Asset Management
avatar for Agnès Roquefort

Agnès Roquefort

Global Chief Development Officer Accor
avatar for Alastair Carmichael

Alastair Carmichael

Investment Director, HB
avatar for Alexander Trobitz

Alexander Trobitz

Head of Hotel Services
avatar for Alexi H. Khajavi

Alexi H. Khajavi

President, Hospitality + Travel Group
avatar for Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

Senior Manager, Industry Partners
avatar for Andreas Ewald

Andreas Ewald

Founder and Managing Partner
avatar for Andreas Löcher

Andreas Löcher

Head of Investment Management Hospitality
avatar for Andreas Scriven

Andreas Scriven

Lead Partner - Hospitality & Leisure
avatar for Andrew McEvoy

Andrew McEvoy

Managing Director Tourism
avatar for Andrew Sangster

Andrew Sangster

Editorial Director
avatar for Anne-Marie Auriault

Anne-Marie Auriault

Managing Director
avatar for Aoife  Roche 

Aoife  Roche 

Commercial Director - Hotels
avatar for Ascan Kókai

Ascan Kókai

Principal - Head of Hotels
avatar for Asli Kutlucan

Asli Kutlucan

Chief Development Officer
avatar for Benjamin Habbel

Benjamin Habbel

CEO & Founding Partner
avatar for Benjamin Ploppa

Benjamin Ploppa

Head of Hotels Germany
avatar for Ben Martin

Ben Martin

avatar for Brian Kaufman

Brian Kaufman

Managing Director
avatar for Caleb Parker

Caleb Parker

Founder and Director
avatar for Camil Yazbeck

Camil Yazbeck

Senior Vice President, Head of Development - Europe
avatar for Carine Bonnejean

Carine Bonnejean

Managing Director - Hotels

Carlos Abade

Board Member
avatar for Caroline Tiveus

Caroline Tiveus

Senior Vice President, Director of Sustainable Business
avatar for Christiane Sieveking

Christiane Sieveking

Associate Vice President Business Development
avatar for Christian Michel

Christian Michel

VP Development Europe
avatar for Christian Walter

Christian Walter

CEO & Partner
avatar for Christopher J. Nassetta 

Christopher J. Nassetta 

President and Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Christoph Hoffmann

Christoph Hoffmann

CEO / Partner
avatar for Cody Bradshaw   

Cody Bradshaw   

MD, Head of International Hotels
avatar for Daniel Johansson

Daniel Johansson

Director of Development and Acquisitions
avatar for David Kellett

David Kellett

Senior Director, Hotel Transactions
avatar for Dillip Rajakarier 

Dillip Rajakarier 

Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Dimitris Manikis

Dimitris Manikis

President EMEA

Dimitri Chandogin 

Co-Founder & President
avatar for Dominic Seyrling

Dominic Seyrling

Director, Investments
avatar for Dr Peter Ebertz

Dr Peter Ebertz

Managing Director | Head of Hotels
avatar for Edwin Broers 

Edwin Broers 

Director, Deployment Operations
avatar for Elias Hayek

Elias Hayek

Head of Global Hospitality and Leisure
avatar for Ellie Talebian

Ellie Talebian

IHIF LIve Studio Host
avatar for Emmanuel Guisset

Emmanuel Guisset

CEO & Co-founder
avatar for Emma Banks

Emma Banks

VP Food & Beverage Strategy & Development EMEA
avatar for Fabian René Westerhoff

Fabian René Westerhoff

Director - Expansion & Investments
avatar for Fernando Fernandez

Fernando Fernandez

Vice President of Development
avatar for Finnbar Cornwall

Finnbar Cornwall

Senior Industry Head in Travel
avatar for Frank Hoerl

Frank Hoerl

Regional GM & MD
avatar for Gesa Rohwedder

Gesa Rohwedder

Head of Hospitality
avatar for Giorgio Manenti

Giorgio Manenti

Managing Director
avatar for Gregory Lanter

Gregory Lanter

Chief Development & Construction Officer
avatar for Hamza Farooqui 

Hamza Farooqui 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Heidi  Schmidtke

Heidi  Schmidtke

Managing Director Hotels & Hospitality Germany
avatar for Helena Burstedt

Helena Burstedt

Head of Hotels
avatar for Henri Wilmes

Henri Wilmes

Chief Investment Officer
avatar for Heribert Gangl

Heribert Gangl

Director Hotels & Tourism
avatar for Ilana Edelman

Ilana Edelman

VP Acquisitions & Business Development Europe
avatar for Imran Changezi

Imran Changezi

Business Development Director – Hospitality
avatar for Jaclyn Riley

Jaclyn Riley

Director, Hospitality Marketing
avatar for Jan Garde

Jan Garde

avatar for Jan Steinebach 

Jan Steinebach 

Head of Hotels The Netherlands
avatar for Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen

Chief Financial Officer
avatar for Jerome Briet 

Jerome Briet 

Chief Development Officer, EMEA
avatar for Jesper Engman 

Jesper Engman 

Vice President Business Development
avatar for John Pagano

John Pagano

Group CEO
avatar for Jonathan Langston

Jonathan Langston

Chair, The AHC and IHIF Advisory Boards
avatar for Jon Colley

Jon Colley

Executive Vice President of Acquisitions & Development
avatar for Josh Littman

Josh Littman

VP of Development (EMEA)
avatar for Karin Sheppard

Karin Sheppard

SVP, Managing Director Europe

Kaspar Zimmerli

Co-CEO and Co-Founder
avatar for Keith Evans

Keith Evans

Chief Investment & Development Officer
avatar for Kenneth Hatton

Kenneth Hatton

Head of CBRE Hotels, EMEA
avatar for Kevin Edwards 

Kevin Edwards 

Global Business Development Director
avatar for László Varga

László Varga

Co-Founder & CEO
avatar for Laura Brinkmann

Laura Brinkmann

VP Private Equity Europe
avatar for Leila Jiwnani

Leila Jiwnani

Senior Manager
avatar for Lennert De Jong

Lennert De Jong

Chief Commercial Officer
avatar for Leslie Johns

Leslie Johns

avatar for Linda Yueh

Linda Yueh

avatar for Lorenzo Felici

Lorenzo Felici

Managing Director
avatar for Luca Francis Fernandes

Luca Francis Fernandes

Head of Investor Relations and Board Member
avatar for Luc Boschmans

Luc Boschmans

Managing Director
avatar for Mahmoud  Abdulhadi

Mahmoud  Abdulhadi

Deputy Minister, Investment Attraction

Majed AlGhanim

Tourism & Quality of Life Managing Director
avatar for Marcus Bernhardt

Marcus Bernhardt

Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Maria Vafiadis

Maria Vafiadis

Maria Vafiadis
avatar for Mary Beth Cutshall

Mary Beth Cutshall

Founder & Managing Partner
avatar for Matthias Niemeyer

Matthias Niemeyer

Head of Development CEE
avatar for Maxime Depreux

Maxime Depreux

Chief Development Officer
avatar for Max C. Luscher

Max C. Luscher

CEO Central & Northern Europe
avatar for Max Cergneux

Max Cergneux

Chief Development Officer
avatar for Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis

President of F&B and Culinary Experiences
avatar for Michael Griesmayr

Michael Griesmayr

Founder & Chairman
avatar for Michael Grove

Michael Grove

Chief Operating Officer
avatar for Michelle Weiss

Michelle Weiss

Head of Hotel Properties
avatar for Miguel Casas Albandor

Miguel Casas Albandor

Managing Director
avatar for Miguel  Martins 

Miguel  Martins 

Head Development Northern Europe
avatar for Miriam Barnhart

Miriam Barnhart

Product Manager - Sustainability and Experiences
avatar for Naomi Heaton

Naomi Heaton

Co-owner and CEO
avatar for Nick van Marken  

Nick van Marken  

Managing Director
avatar for Olaf Steinhage

Olaf Steinhage

Managing Partner
avatar for Patrick Pacious 

Patrick Pacious 

President and Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Patrick Whyte

Patrick Whyte

Editor in Chief
avatar for Paul Atema

Paul Atema

Senior Portfolio Manager Real Estate
avatar for Paul Pisani

Paul Pisani

Senior Vice President Hotel Development
avatar for Philipp Patzel

Philipp Patzel

Head of Hospitality Concepts
avatar for Philip Bacon

Philip Bacon

Senior Director
avatar for Pieter Elbers

Pieter Elbers

President & CEO
avatar for Rafael Museri

Rafael Museri

Co-Founder & CEO
avatar for Raj Chandnani

Raj Chandnani

Executive Vice President + Chief Development Officer
avatar for Raoul Thomas

Raoul Thomas

Founder & CEO
avatar for Robert Alley

Robert Alley

Chief Operating Officer
avatar for Robin Rossmann

Robin Rossmann

Managing Director
avatar for Roger Allen

Roger Allen

Group CEO
avatar for Rohan Thakkar

Rohan Thakkar

SVP, Development & Strategy
avatar for Ronit Copeland

Ronit Copeland

Managing Director
avatar for Ruslan Husry

Ruslan Husry

Managing Director
avatar for Sascha Hausmann

Sascha Hausmann

General Partner
avatar for Saurabh Chawla

Saurabh Chawla

CEO, Prop Co
avatar for Seán Worker

Seán Worker

Managing Director & Principal
avatar for Sébastien Bazin

Sébastien Bazin

Chairman and CEO
avatar for Sophie Perret

Sophie Perret

Senior Director
avatar for Sophie Richard

Sophie Richard

Asset Manager Europe and UK
avatar for Stefan Catic

Stefan Catic

Head of Operator Search
avatar for Stéphane Obadia

Stéphane Obadia

Head of Investment
avatar for Stuart Booth

Stuart Booth

Director of Sales, UK & Ireland
avatar for Susanne Friedrich

Susanne Friedrich

Senior Director Business Development
avatar for Sylvia Schnelle

Sylvia Schnelle

Director Business Development
avatar for Tarna Schmidt 

Tarna Schmidt 

Executive Consultant Hotels
avatar for Tea Ros

Tea Ros

Managing Director
avatar for Tiago Venancio

Tiago Venancio

Hotel Development
avatar for Tim Zeichhardt 

Tim Zeichhardt 

Senior Director of Development
avatar for Tony Capuano

Tony Capuano

Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Ufi Ibrahim

Ufi Ibrahim

Founder and Chief Executive
avatar for Ursula Kriegl

Ursula Kriegl

Associate Partner
avatar for Valerie Schuermans

Valerie Schuermans

Vice President Business Development
avatar for Vanessa Borkmann

Vanessa Borkmann

Head of Hotel & Tourism Research
avatar for Veerle Donders

Veerle Donders

Concept & Brand Director
avatar for Willemijn Geels

Willemijn Geels

Vice President Development, Europe
avatar for Xenia zu Hohenlohe

Xenia zu Hohenlohe

Managing Partner
avatar for Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Architect & Interior Designer
avatar for Yuan Fang

Yuan Fang

VP Development and Corporate Transactions
avatar for ​Rita Marques

​Rita Marques

Secretary of State for Tourism